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Troy Seals

Troy Seals was destined to work in the music business - he's related to some musical giants like Dan Seals (of England Dan &... Read More.

Shel Silverstein

A celebrated cartoonist, author and hit country songwriter, Shel Silverstein possessed one of the most brilliant and atypical creative minds of the twentieth century.... Read More.

Mike Reid

Mike Reid enjoyed his first success as a football player. He lived his dream as a Pennsylvania native by playing at defensive tackle for... Read More.

Pat Alger

In Pat's own words (From Facebook) "To simply say that I've been fortunate in my life wouldn't really cover it I'm afraid. That... Read More.

Wayland Holyfield

In the early 1970s, when country was beginning to absorb rock and singer-songwriter influences, Wayland Holyfield was one of a handful of Music Row... Read More.