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Mark’s Movie Review – Unhinged

Over the weekend I watched the new Russel Crow movie, Unhinged.  If you’ve seen the previews you know the trailer looked intense and of course we all know the trailer usually makes even a bad movie seem pretty good.  That was not the case with this movie.  The trailer couldn’t possibly do the movie justice.  This is one of the most intense movies I’ve ever seen.  It starts off intense and it rarely gives you time to rest before more intensity.  This is a really good movie and will also make all of you think.  I know it certainly makes me think.  There is a very important message within this movie that every single driver should get.  If you like realistic movies, if you like intense movies, if you like movies that put you on the edge of your seat, Unhinged is definitely the movie for you.  I give it 4 ½ thumbs up out of 5 thumbs.  Just be prepared…you may need a drink after you watch this one.