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Mark’s Movie Review – You Should Have Left

Over the weekend I watched a movie called You Should Have Left.  It stars Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried.  Bacon plays a former banker whose wife died in a bathtub drowning.  He and his daughter and new wife (Seyfried) move to a big house on a secluded mountain when things start to get weird.  I won’t give you too much more info on the plot but I will tell you while it’s a strange movie, it is creepy and it has a very big hidden message in it that you pick up on in the end.  I liked it so I’m giving it 3 ½ thumbs up out of 5.  Like I said, the plot is weird but the acting is good, especially the little girl who plays the daughter.  If you’re looking for something different for a scary movie, I say you should watch You Should Have Left.