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The Midnight Sky

I watched a movie called The Midnight Sky.  It stars George Clooney and Kyle Chandler who played the head coach in the TV series version of Friday Night Lights.  The movie is about a scientist (Clooney) who is in the arctic in a research center who has been burdened with trying to contact the crew of an American spaceship to keep them from trying to return to Earth because of a worldwide disaster which would kill them.  Good idea for the storyline, bad script.  I thought it would be a bit like Armageddon.  Nope.  It was nothing like it.  Don’t go into this movie expecting it to be a thriller/action movie.  It’s a slow moving and somewhat disappointing movie.  Great acting, terrible screenplay.  I give it 2 ½ thumbs up out of 5 thumbs.  The sun is definitely not shining on The Midnight Sky.