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Garth Brooks On The Real Reason He Spent 23 Straight Hours Signing Autographs For Fans

Garth Brooks was the guest on the debut episode of Midland’s new podcast “Set It Straight: Myths and Legends” and discussed the one time at Nashville’s Fan Fest where he spent 23 straight hours signing autographs for fans.

“I’d love to tell you that it was just done out of love and stuff but the real story behind it was we had a new regime at the label come in,” Garth shares. “There were rumors that older acts were going to go out [and] new ones were actually going to come in and replace them.”

Considering he was one of those “older acts,” Garth realized he needed to show his fans love. “Our bosses are those people on the other side of radio,” he explained. “Those people that show up in those seats. I said ‘let’s go see what the bosses think."”

Garth also explained that he loves the fact that country music fans want artists “to be as normal, as regular as you can be.” He adds, “at the same time, they’re going to give you numbers that can compete with any pop act that’s ever walked on stage.” He notes, “So I love the fact that we’re in that beautiful, really kind of honest thing.”
Source: People