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Shania Twain Looks Back At Video For “Any Man Of Mine”

Shania Twain is reminiscing about the video for her 1995 track “Any Man of Mine,” which was her first number one on “Billboard’s” Hot Country Songs,

Shania just shared a behind-the-scenes look at the video, where she talks about her look in the clip, noting that she was responsible for all of the fashion fans see. “I was the fashion director in this video, and it sort of looks like it, too,” she says, “but at the same time it was kind of cool.”

The video was directed by John Derek, and Shania notes that she was wearing Bo Derek’s hats and chaps in the video, sharing, “I was feeling kind of sexy, I must say.” She said they were trying to keep the budget down, but adds that the video “was fun to make.”

And it wasn’t all roses on the set, with Shania admitting that she and John had some differences of opinions about the look of the clip. “We were nose to nose at one point, arguing about this,” she says. “John very quickly helped me realize that vanity cannot play a role in any of this, because it’s all about the aesthetics,” noting, “it’s really wonderful watching it back after all these years.”