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Johnny Cash (w/ the Royal Philharmonics Orchestra) – “Ring of Fire”

Johnny Cash is the latest artist to get the philharmonic treatment. A new album, “‘Johnny Cash and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” is set to drop November 13th, featuring 12 iconic Cash tunes reworked with the orchestra.

The album sees Cash’s original vocals paired with Royal Philharmonic’s new recordings, which were done at legendary Abbey Road Studio 2.

Songs on the album include “Ring of Fire,” “I Walk The Line,” “Man in Black,” “Flesh and Blood,” and more, as well as “Girl From North Country,” which was a collaboration with Bob Dylan. Check out the track list below:

  • “Man In Black”
  • “Galway Bay”
  • “Girl From The North Country” (Bob Dylan with Johnny Cash)
  • “I Came To Believe”
  • “A Thing Called Love”
  • “The Loving Gift” (with June Carter Cash)
  • “I Walk The Line”
  • “Farther Along” (featuring Duane Eddy)
  • “Flesh and Blood”
  • “The Gambler”
  • “Ring Of Fire”
  • “Highwayman” (The Highwaymen: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash)

Order your copy HERE.