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Vince Gill – “A World Without Haggard”

Vince Gill released his new album “Okie” last August and says he came up with the title after watching the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on country music.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand that the word Okie was – I always knew it — but when we migrated during the Dust Bowl and went out west to try to find work and feed families and dig a living out of the dirt, they used that word disparagingly,” he says. “You called an Okie an Okie it was meant with distain.”

But, Vince shares, “It’s where I’m from, I said, and I’ve got a lot of pride about being where I’m from and what our history is,” adding, “I thought this might be a good name for this record. And it just hit me like a ton of bricks, and everybody liked it.”

He adds, “So, as it could be construed as ‘well he’s from Oklahoma. He’s calling it OKIE,’ it has a much deeper kind of connotation and inspired by what Ken and those guys did to paint our history with some dignity and respect.”

Here’s our favorite cut from “Okie”