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December 1

A 12-minute motion picture, The Great Train Robbery, made its debut in 1903. It's the first western feature in history.

November 1

Billboard issued its first edition in 1894. It was eight pages long and cost 10 cents. The publication becomes the leading trade... Read More.

October 1

Kitty Wells and Red Foley recorded "One By One" in an afternoon session at the Castle Studio in Nashville in 1953.

September 1

Sep 1, 1924 Ernest Stoneman passes an audition with Columbia Records in New York. He declines an offer to record for the label, however, when... Read More.

August 1

Aug 1, 1927 The Carter Family records for the first time at the “Bristol Sessions” Aug 1, 1931 Elliott Charles Adnopoz is born in Brooklyn, New York.... Read More.

July 1

Jul 1, 1894 John Lair is born in Livingston, Kentucky. He establishes "The Renfro Valley Barn Dance," which airs on radio stations for some 20... Read More.

June 1

Jun 1, 1796 – Tennessee Becomes a StateJun 1, 1915 Johnny Bond is born in Enville, Oklahoma. A singer, songwriter and actor, he provides an... Read More.

May 1

May 1, 1873 William Morris is born in Schwartzenau, Germany. He founds the William Morris Agency, one of the world's most successful booking firms, which... Read More.