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July 26

Jul 26, 1922 Record executive Jim Foglesong is born in Lundale, West Virginia. Beginning in 1973, he successfully runs Dot Records, ABC, MCA and Capitol,... Read More.

June 26

Jun 26, 1909 Colonel Tom Parker is born in Breda, Holland, his real name: Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk. He manages Eddy Arnold, Hank Snow and,... Read More.

May 26

May 26, 1907 Marion Morrison is born in Winterset, Iowa. Renamed John Wayne for the silver screen, he becomes one of the best-known actors of... Read More.

April 26

Apr 26, 1927: Songwriter Cecil Null is born in War, West Virginia. He writes The Davis Sisters' 1953 hit "I Forgot More Than You'll... Read More.

March 26

Mar 26, 1928 Steel guitarist Bud Isaacs is born in Bedford, Indiana. His performance on Webb Pierce's "Slowly" establishes the steel... Read More.

February 26

Fearing that the locals will be insulted by having his band named The Crazy Tennesseans, Roy Acuff made his first Grand Ole... Read More.

December 26

A man threatening to kill Waylon Jennings broke into J.D.'s in Phoenix after hours and forced the Waylors to lie on the... Read More.

November 26

Hawkshaw Hawkins married Jean Shepard on stage at The Forum in Wichita, Kansas in 1960. Hawkins' best man: Capitol executive, record producer... Read More.

October 26

Roy Acuff held his first recording session with his band, The Crazy Tennesseans in 1936. They cut The Great Speckled Bird

September 26

Less than a year after Hank Williams' death, Johnny Horton marries Williams' widow, Billie Jean Williams in 1953.