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March 31

Mar 31, 1922 Fiddler Howdy Forrester is born in Vernon, Tennessee. He joins Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys for two years... Read More.

March 30

Mar 30, 1917 Record executive Randy Wood is born in Morrison, Tennessee. He founds Dot Records, which plays a key role... Read More.

March 29

Mar 29, 1909 Moon Mullican is born in Corrigan, Texas. Nicknamed the King of the Hillbilly Piano Players, he runs a... Read More.

March 28

Mar 28, 1936 Gospel giant Bill Gaither is born in Alexandria, Indiana. He writes "He Touched Me," recorded by Elvis Presley,... Read More.

March 27

Mar 27, 1929 Steel guitarist and background singer Don Warden is born in Mount Grove, Missouri. He appears on a string... Read More.

March 26

Mar 26, 1928 Steel guitarist Bud Isaacs is born in Bedford, Indiana. His performance on Webb Pierce's "Slowly" establishes the steel... Read More.

March 25

Mar 25, 1923 Bonnie Guitar is born in Seattle, Washington. An L.A. session guitarist in the 1950s, she has three Top... Read More.

March 24

Mar 24, 1928 Dulcimer player Kitty Cora Cline makes her Grand Ole Opry debut. She becomes the first female soloist to... Read More.

March 23

Mar 23, 1868: Fiddlin' John Carson is born in Fannin County, Georgia. When he performs on Atlanta's WSB in 1922, he becomes... Read More.

March 22

Mar 22, 1952: Uncle Dave Macon dies at Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The singer/songwriter/comedian/banjo player became one of the Grand Ole... Read More.

March 21

Mar 21, 1882: Bascom Lunsford is born in Mars Hill, North Carolina. A folk music collector and promoter, he also co-writes the... Read More.

March 20

Mar 20, 1937 Jerry Reed is born in Atlanta, Georgia. With a rhythmic, fingerstyle guitar sound, he earns a Grammy award... Read More.