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June 12

Jun 12, 1927 Songwriter Penny Jay is born. She authors Carl & Pearl Butler's biggest hit, "Don't Let Me Cross Over" Jun 12, 1928 Emmett Miller records... Read More.

June 11

Jun 11, 1932 One-hit wonder Lonnie Irving is born in Stoneville, North Carolina. The one hit: the 1960 release "Pinball Machine" Jun 11, 1941 Songwriter Wayne Kemp... Read More.

June 10

Jun 10, 1952 Thom Schuyler is born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He writes Kenny Rogers' "Love Will Turn You Around," Lacy J. Dalton's "16th Avenue" and... Read More.

June 9

Jun 9, 1935 Guitarist Jimmy "Spider" Wilson is born in Nashville. He becomes a member of Little Jimmy Dickens' band and plays on Skeeter Davis'... Read More.

June 8

Jun 8, 1936 The Carter Family conducts its first Decca recording session in New York City. The date's material includes a song destined to become... Read More.

June 7

Jun 7, 1934 Wynn Stewart is born in Morrisville, Missouri. A West Coast singer who helps define the Bakersfield Sound, he writes Merle Haggard's "Sing... Read More.

June 6

Jun 6, 1939 Gary "U.S." Bonds is born in Jacksonville, Florida. The rock singer earns five hits in the 1960s, and another with 1982's "This... Read More.

June 5

Jun 5, 1895 Actor William Boyd is born in Hendrysburg, Ohio. He's known for his recurring role as western hero Hopalong Cassidy, referenced in Roy... Read More.

June 4

Jun 4, 1929 All-night disc jockey Bill Mack, of Dallas' WBAP, is born in Shamrock, Texas. He writes George Strait's "Drinking Champagne" and LeAnn Rimes'... Read More.

June 3

Jun 3, 1913 Curley Williams is born near Cairo, Georgia. A member of the Grand Ole Opry in the mid-1940s, he writes the Hank Williams... Read More.

June 2

Jun 2, 1896 Guglielmo Marconi receives a U.S. patent for his invention, the radio Jun 2, 1927 Carl Butler is born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Added to the... Read More.

June 1

Jun 1, 1796 – Tennessee Becomes a State Jun 1, 1915 Johnny Bond is born in Enville, Oklahoma. A singer, songwriter and actor, he provides an... Read More.