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March 25

Mar 25, 1923 Bonnie Guitar is born in Seattle, Washington. An L.A. session guitarist in the 1950s, she has three Top... Read More.

March 24

Mar 24, 1928 Dulcimer player Kitty Cora Cline makes her Grand Ole Opry debut. She becomes the first female soloist to... Read More.

March 23

Mar 23, 1868: Fiddlin' John Carson is born in Fannin County, Georgia. When he performs on Atlanta's WSB in 1922, he becomes... Read More.

March 22

Mar 22, 1952: Uncle Dave Macon dies at Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The singer/songwriter/comedian/banjo player became one of the Grand Ole... Read More.

March 21

Mar 21, 1882: Bascom Lunsford is born in Mars Hill, North Carolina. A folk music collector and promoter, he also co-writes the... Read More.

March 20

Mar 20, 1937 Jerry Reed is born in Atlanta, Georgia. With a rhythmic, fingerstyle guitar sound, he earns a Grammy award... Read More.

March 19

Mar 19, 1848 Frontier figure Wyatt Earp is born in Monmouth, Illinois. He's referenced in Ed Bruce's 1980 hit "The Last Cowboy Song" Mar 19, 1940 Songwriter... Read More.

March 18

Mar 18, 1902 Enrico Caruso becomes the first performer to make a recording, singing into a megaphone-shaped device while his rendition... Read More.

March 17

Mar 17, 1917 Lily Mae Ledford is born in Pilot, Kentucky. She becomes the leader of The Coon Creek Girls, the... Read More.

March 16

Mar 16, 1917 Woodwind player Darol Rice is born. He contributes bass clarinet to Tennessee Ernie Ford's 1955 classic "Sixteen Tons"

March 15

Mar 15, 1927 Carl Smith is born in Maynardville, Tennessee. He piles up more than 30 hits during the 1950s, including... Read More.

March 14

Mar 14, 1903 Cynthia May Carver is born in Lamb, Kentucky. Using the stage name Cousin Emmy, she becomes one of... Read More.