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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your address?
A: Physical Address – 3620 Highway 390, Bluff CIty, TN
Mailing Address – P.O. Box 5, Blountville, TN 37617

Q: What is your phone number?
A: (423) 878-5346. This is the number you’ll use to call in requests, participate in contests, or just to chat!

Q: Can I request a song?
A: Of course! Call us at (423) 878-5346 or submit your request in the Request Box on our Home Page. Then tune in to the Top 3 at 3 each afternoon with Mark Andrews to see if your request made the list! Also make plans to join Matthew James each Friday night at 7 for the Friday Night Possum Party where he’ll take requests for four hours!

Q: How can I advertise my business on The Possum?
A: Advertising is a necessary investment in your business. Our Director of Sales, Hobie Hyder would love to show you how The Possum can be an asset! You can reach him at our business office – (423) 878-6279 or by email at

Q: I’m an artist. Will you play my song on The Possum?
A: We’d love to hear your work because we know you’ve worked hard on it!
Send an EPK, Dropbox Link or an mp3 to our music director, Cody Jennings. His email address is

*Note: We will not record/play songs directly from YouTube, so be sure to send us an actual mp3 and not a YouTube link, please!

Q: Does The Possum have a name?
A: He does! We lovingly refer to him as Leroy.

Q: How can I get a bumper sticker?
A: We are out and about in the community regularly and we always have some with us! Find us on remote broadcasts, Sticker Stops or concerts in the area. Or you can always stop by our by our business office (2175 Highway 75, Suite 6, Blountville, TN) during normal business hours (M-F, 9a-4p) and get one. While you’re here, visit our Possum Store and see all our Possum merch! (provide link)

Q: I heard a song on your station and I was hoping you could tell me who/what it was.
A: Absolutely! Send us an email at with as many details as you can remember. Time of day? Man, woman or band? Do you remember any of the lyrics?