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Chris Stapleton Featured on “60 Minutes”

“60 Minutes” interviewed Chris Stapleton last night. He discussed when a songwriter knows a song is a hit. “I don’t think I ever know (if I wrote a song well),” he says. “The win is finishing the song.” He adds, “There are a lot of songwriters that claim, ‘Yeah, I knew the instant we wrote this that it was a six-week No. 1, and I was going to get a big, giant check in the mail.’… I don’t think anybody knows that.” 
He said crowd reaction lets him know what a good song is. “You can’t possibly know how everybody is going to feel about a song that you write,” he says. “That’s impossible to know. You have to take it to the people. I trust people. And I trust people who have taste.”When asked how many songs he’s written he said, “I don’t know, probably in excess of a thousand.” As for how many he thought were good, he noted, “10.”

Source: 60 Minutes