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Garth Brooks Defends Ticketmaster


Garth Brooks has expressed support for Live Nation and Ticketmaster after a recent antitrust hearing at the U.S. Senate. Brooks wrote an open letter to Congress in which he defended the company against allegations of unfair business practices, instead blaming ticket scalpers for consumers’ problems.

“Any program will shut down or freeze if too much demand is put on the system,” Brooks wrote in his letter, referencing the Ticketmaster issues with Taylor Swift’s latest tour, before continuing, “Ticketmaster has responded in an appropriate way for all of our situations.”

Brooks also expressed his support for the use of dynamic and platinum pricing on his Las Vegas residency shows this year and next. Brooks reportedly has a lot of influence and bargaining power in his relationship with Ticketmaster. Brooks did note, however, that dynamic pricing can be hard on some fans, even though they are the “one who allows you to live your dream” in the first place. Ticketmaster remains under intense scrutiny from the US government.

Source: Ticket News