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Shania Twain Says Her Horse Had A Mishap On Stage During A Show


Shania Twain was on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week – and the subject turned to crappy concert experiences – literally.

“Well, actually the biggest mishap I’ve had on stage is with my horse,” she shared. “One time my horse – I was on stage – drops a big poop. And I mean, it’s big and it’s steamy and it’s stinky, you know. I mean, not for me, I love the smell of horse poop. Everything I own smells like horse poop, but it was just really awkward. And so I just had to say ‘Well, s**t happens,"” she laughed.

Shania’s “Queen Of Me” tour – her first in over five years – kicks off April 28, with no word yet on opening acts or animal accompaniment.

Source: Taste of Country