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Shania Twain Talks New Song


Shania Twain just dropped the new song “Waking Up Dreaming,” which she thinks is “just so fun.” 

“I’m a real day dreamer and this is how the idea came up,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “… “When you’re asleep and you wake up and you go, ‘Oh, I just wanna go back to sleep, so I can enter that dream again and maybe change the ending,’ [and] you’re just enjoying that dreaming. I enjoy day dreaming. I enjoy getting lost in my dreams and escaping in them, day or night.”

Shania says she “did more collaborating than I’ve ever done before in my career,” for her next album, and while that mostly has to do with songwriting, she does have some ideas for collaborating with other artists, particularly Harry Styles, who she shared a stage with at Coachella this year.

“We just have to ask. I have never asked him so. I just have to officially ask Harry,” she says, adding that she does “expect him to say yes” when she does.

ONE MORE THING! In an interview with The Sun, Shania hinted that a biopic, and possibly a musical on her life could happen down the road. “Yes. Both of those things are possibly in the future,” she says. “There’s all sorts of things coming up but things I probably can’t talk about right now. But I’ve got a very busy few years ahead of me.”

Source: Entertainment Tonight