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Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox, Meteorologist

September 17, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Thursday, September 17
Wow, it’s been a busy week! There’s been a hurricane, a weather meeting, new programming, and website upgrades. I’ll talk about all of those at some point, not necessarily in this blog, though. While we’re waiting out this...

September 16, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Tuesday, September 15
Meetings, meetings, meetings. It’s been a busy day! It’s a busy time in weather, especially with tropical systems. Sally is the only thing we’ll talk about here, as it will make landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast tomorrow morning. That...

September 13, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Monday, September 14
It’s been a busy day with conferences and programming changes, and weather to deal with! A cold front calms our weather overnight for a couple days before rain, potentially tropical, returns Thursday. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast for the next four...

September 9, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Wednesday, September 9
I think I’ve used the term “illegal rain showers” from time to time. That’s when a forecaster doesn’t think rain is going to happen but it does! At around 4:30 this afternoon, that happened. More in the...

September 8, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Tuesday, September 8
It’s another sunny day, with no rain in the Tri-Cities area right now. We should have mostly dry weather in the coming days, except for our typical summer afternoon showers and storms. Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Saturday! Here...

September 7, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Monday, September 7
It’s been a beautiful day, with one and maybe two following it, so welcome to a quick edition of the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Friday! To the outlook we go first: Tonight-Mostly clear, could be some fog by morning. Low 59...

September 4, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Friday, September 4
A few rain showers are left through this Friday evening, but after that, the weather this Labor Day weekend looks amazing! Welcome to the Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Tuesday! A cold front is moving through, and that will bring some brief showers and possible...

August 31, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Monday, August 31
We’re reaching the end of the month in a few hours, and with that falls another domino in what has been a completely messed up year. So to make things simpler, here’s a quick Tri-Cities Weather Blog forecast through Friday! Before...

August 26, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Thursday, August 27
While Laura has made landfall and is already down to a tropical storm, we’re seeing cloudy weather around our area today. There’s been little to no rain, though, but that’s going to change in the coming days. Welcome to the...

August 25, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Tuesday, August 25
It’s a sunny and warm, dry day across our area, with rain near Knoxville this afternoon. We’ll get another mostly dry day tomorrow before what’s left of Hurricane Laura brings us rain later this week. Welcome to the Tri-Cities...

About Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox is a certified broadcast meteorologist through Mississippi State University. He's also a big Cubs fan, but we don't hold that against him. You can get more in-depth forecasts by checking every day.